I believe we have three great enemies that prevents us from advancing our life, from actualizing our potential, from living our dreams.

1. doubt. we doubt whether we are capable or not. we doubt whether we are worthy or not. we doubt whether we succeed or not. we doubt whether we deserve or not. Its unfortunate that doubt is one of greatest enemies of our life, easy to overcome. Direct our consciousness. For what reason am i doubtful? Because of past failure in space. No i m trying something new. Because people told me that i might unable to do it. So, what makes them expert on my capabilities, on my potentialities. We are doubtful because germ of fear spread in our body. Because somebody planted there one time or we cultivated with our own thoughts. I must trust in my abilities. I must trust that i will figure it out, i can build it, i can get some help and progress even thought that the doubt might be there. we are all heros.

2. delay, come from doubt. lazy, uninformed, indulgence. Most people dream at night and dies in the day, because they take no action towards it.

3. division,  we feel divided or different from other people.Our believes about other people divides us from humanity, divide us from others that’s what we do. We don’t ask for help. We think they cannot understand me, i am not gonna ask for help. We judge other people, we push away other people. we stop being kind and respectful to other people. We forget humanity is united by common force, energy, purpose, thrive and survive. If we forget those things, then life loses it color. We no longer connected to other human beings. we no longer connected to ourselves.

All we can do to overcome is by faith, action and love.