1. Decide, you need no reason whatsoever to be more confident. Just make decision to be confident. You don’t need reason. You don’t need 50 people tell you, you are amazing or you are  beautiful or we love you. You just have to say, you know what, today i  lift up my head a little bit. You know, today, i m gonna give credit to myself. I m just gonna be confident.Walking in this room, stand tall as if, I m extremely confident person for no other reason. That’s my intention right now. How’s gonna happen to become confident? Do i have wait on fifty, after i achieve everything, or made some money or may be people like me somewhere. Come on, get over it. We should get over our stuff and one day just realize, real confidence is simply having the ability to genuinely express who we  truly are and pursue things that we truly desire. That’s confidence. From that decision to be confident, just because we want to feel that sense of strength in our own bodies, that sense of energy and joy of expressing who we are, chasing what we want, everything rose from there.

2.  Confidence comes from a sense of Integrity from yourself. Integrity is, know who i am and i am being that consistently. I know, what i want and i am chasing that consistently.

3. Competency means learning how to do. You become confident in doing it. You develop more confidence in your ability. You become more skilled. Any area  of your life,you are going into for the first time, be okay with it. Be okay with being uncertain. Be okay with being uncomfortable. Be okay with not knowing how to turn on because its your first time. But stumble into it, anyway. Because you stumble into it, you develop skill. You develop comfort with it. And then, certainly one day, you gonna say, i am pretty confident doing this. Nothing change in who you are. Which changed is  your level of competency, knowledge, skill and ability that’s what competency is. Finally, we realize, i just need to learn a little bit more here, i will be more confident. I just need to apply a little bit more here. I will be more confident. To do that, it requires momentum.

4. You know momentum is key to confidence. When we stop having any momentum in life, we feel loss, confused, down. We start to loose connection with strength in ourselves.So, we have to take more action to develop more confidence. Its your, disciplined action that is your destiny. An often, some of the best decisions  in your life come after having momentum in something and then you gain perspective. You have to say what can i do begin this now. You don’t have to know the full path. You have to take first step and the staircase emerges. Often, you don’t know where you are going in life until you start jogging towards something. Run somewhere, as soon as run, you start to open up things, look at this..look at this.

5. So, deciding really, to be confidence does not need anything. But, if you need something, then go with integrity. Chase what you truly desire. Be smart enough to know that you have to develop more competency. Gain momentum with simple moves.  Finally, we need community. We all need people around us, who are supporters and positive and amazing, who appreciate  a sense of our aliveness and joy and happiness. If we don’t have that, then we sit down being victim saying i have a bad set of parents, i got a set of bad friends.No, go find a new peer group. Go to a seminar, go to a volunteer meeting, go and get around who are positive, who are amazing. Its not about cutting loose negative people, chopping off people and getting rid of them. May be there are persons, you may say i don’t need to associate with them in my life anymore. If i don’t have a supportive peer group, then let me create those group. Let me go find those people and get around them because its people cheering you on, that you get more confidence. People saying you, hey you doing good job. Yes, i m doing good job and you allow to feel yourself that sense of success and that sense of integrity, when other people recognize immediately. Sometime our greatest confidence is coming from having a community of supporters. So, you don’t have to wait for those supporters to show up. Go, find them. Go mix, go mingle, get outside of the house. Live life again. As you do that, as you live life again, what you notice, more integrity, more momentum, more competency, more good people. And so, you only thing, hoping you found, that you found confidence. One day, you awake up and you found,  you created it.