Neo4j is an open-source, NoSQL graph database implemented mainly in Java and Scala. Its development
started in 2003 and it has been sponsored by Neo Technology, Inc. since 2011. The source code and issue
tracking is available on, with an active community supporting users on Stack Overflow and the
Neo4j Google Group. Neo4j is used by hundreds of thousands of users in almost all industries. Use cases include matchmaking, network management, impact analysis, software  analytics, scientific research, routing, organizational
and project management, content management, recommendations, social networks, and more. Neo4j Editions
Neo4j’s free Community Edition is a high-performance, fully ACID-transactional database. It includes (but is not
limited to) all the functionality described in this Refcard. Neo4j’s Enterprise Edition adds scalable clustering, failover,
live backups, and comprehensive monitoring for production use. More information about the Community and Enterprise
editions is available at