Writing a business Plan…and not getting an idea…how to accomplish it….so here are few steps on how to write a Business Plan.

Sometimes we have a very potential planning in our minds .but when it comes to writing sometimes we failed to do…but no worries..because here i am going to deal with the same issues of writing s business plan.

A  Business plan should include :

1. Executive summary :

the title page of your business plan is followed by the executive summary which gives the outline of the business plan. It is very important part and it should make a reader clear about what do we want and what are we asking for ?


2. Business Description :

this consist of details of your business or your industry. it should have the detail description of your present scenario of your business and future possibilities of your business You should also provide information on all the various markets within the industry, including any new products developments that will benefit or adversely affect your business.


3. Market Strategies

strategies are set up after the meticulous analysis of the market is being done form all the aspects of the market. an entrepreneur should come up with the strategies for the sale of the product. how to launch, how that product survives in the market .


4. Competition analysis:

as the title suggest this one contains about the competition exist in the market and how to overcome that competition and how we can make our business sustainable in that competitive environment.


5. Design and Development Plan :

this contains the description to the investors regarding our products design   , chart its development within the context of production , marketing and the company itself and create a Development plan to enable the company to achieve its set objectives.


6. Operations and Management Plan:

it concerns with logistics for the  operations of the business , and the team and the overall management team and the management techniques.


7. Financial data:

this  comes at the back page of the business plan. it consists of the all financial report of the company . and gives how much of finance is required.