According to the youth policy 2010 of Nepal anyone aged between 16-40 years comes under the heading of Youth. And according to it population of youth in Nepal comprises 38.8% of total population of the country which is not a small percentage.



Youth are considered to be a productive age group having lots of potential for the development of the country .it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they are the pillar of the nation, foundation of the nation , so called the backbone of the nation.



Nepal having such significant number of youths , in a way if I have to put  it like this , having this many youths it means  having this many backbones,  why not able to stand erect on its own. .



Being a lecturer of a college everyday I  meet, talk to  and listen to  the ideas of the youth for nation building to business to social work to glamour world to fashion to other areas literally  I meant  there is no field left they don’t talk about  , and indeed few are very good ideas…all of them  very young at heart and very restless. They have lots of enthusiasm and zeal and motivation. Energy to do something , to bring a change no matter if its social  political or economic or cultural in every aspect of the society. They are the change makers , the change agents who transforms the society and indeed with their brilliant ideas .



But then, the ideas remains an IDEA but why? according to me if I have to answer the question that why IDEAS remains  an IDEA and never goes to implementation. Here few of the factors according to me works which is a loophole :



  1. Cleaning the Tap : what we are preparing our generations is only about cleaning the Tap but we are not focusing on Cleaning the Tank. It’s a phenomenon in which if the dirty water comes out of tap we focus on tap rather focusing on the tank from which the main supply of water comes, similarly we are focusing on preparing a huge manpower on each sector without quality service, we are giving services without knowing the ground reality of that. We are teaching them to help poor but not telling them not make them capable so that they won’t remain dependent on us.


  1. Bank system of education : one of the social activist I am very impressed with is Brazilian educator Paulo Feiere who has given the bank system of education. if we have to see the education system of Nepal it emphasis on education much. Government has run many programmes to achieve the MDG ( millennium development goals )  even we have achieve the MDG of Free primary education to the children and increasing our literacy rate , but where is the result , still we have schools , we have students but we have bank system of education which is only one sided deposition of the knowledge  which in turn produces very fewer results .




  1. Grass is always greener at the other side : it’s a common human nature that we always find the other side grass greener. Everyday 1700 youth leave the country for either studies or work , a very dynamic and motivated youth group leaves the country because our country is not able to produce opportunities in comparison to the demand of the society which ends up with either migration or temporary absentees form the country at the crucial time when we need them.



  1. Proper lack of recognition to the youth’s work : we have been told to respect our seniors, and we do so , but sometimes we youths too need the recognition of what we have done, of our knowledge and our hard work . in Nepal’s context people they believe you fewer if you are a youth and if you have done something , a very experienced person does like policy making or debate or new idea invention. Our thoughts are not properly recognized and they say challa batho bhako “which means don’t try to be over-smart when there are many seniors in front of you. proper recognition to our work is not given.


Therefore our IDEAS remains Ideas. We only become dreamers but not the one who can take action to achieve our dreams but this does not mean that we as youths are sitting idle and not doing anything . many youths are there who have turns such odds to even too. Who really have done a great contribution, great work for the country. The ones who motivates us no matter what the odds are there is always opportunity lying there. So lets begin the SOCIAL ACTION to bring a change in the society and the mind set of the people but before that be That change .