This movie PK was damm good. There is not doubt that the movie played by Aamir Khan will be always special, because he doesnot work in superficial movie. This movie was full of entertainment and full of social message. It may have open the eyes of millions of people who understand the language of the movie. The main points that hit me in my mind were,

  1. There are billions of solar system like our in the space. There might be people in other planet like our earth. And like we launch rockets to research another planet, the living creature of other planet might have come to research our earth.
  2. There are different companies of religion in this earth and there are different managers of this religion who are leading their religion followers.
  3. These religion has different idol called “GOD”. So, there are millions of GOD in this earth. But, which one is true? Judge yourself. To which GOD, we believe. Christian GOD, ISLAM GOD, HINDU GOD, SIKH GOD, BUDDHIST GOD, JEWISH GOD and so on. If i believe in one god, then Is other religion GOD is going to kill me?
  4. The manager of the company for their religion are dialing wrong number to solve people problems. These managers are utilizing the fear of people to increase their personal benefit and others.
  5. The same people wearing pakadi becomes Sikh, the same people without wearing pakadi becomes hindu, the same people without mustache becomes muslim and the same people without hair becomes the buddhist. So, we judge the same people with their decoration of outer look, but inside all people are same.
  6. It is the perspective of eyes looking at people.
  7. Love between the people should not be limited by religion, caste and creed. Lets open the mind through this movie.

That’s it. Cheers!!