In this write up i will be explaining about The basics of a Good project management. we will be dealing about

1. what is a Project?

2. what are the different Phases of a project ?

3. what is project management?


Project management is not only a technical skill but it has something which needs a proper management because it has a proper beginning and has an end.

Project in a very simple terms is anything or any task which has a beginning and an ending , involves single or many individuals , or may include single or multiple organisational units or multiple organizational units or different communities depending upon the type of the project.

therefore everything that has to be accomplished by using our skills is called a project.

Project management addresses 

a.  needs , concerns and stakeholders expectations.

b. balances  competing project constraints.

c. accomplished by applying applicable process and resources.

a project manager should understand the tools and techniques to manage the project very well .


different phases of Project Management 

1. Starting – project is officially authorized to begin with the concerns of why are we doing it , who is asking us to do it

2. Planning – in planning phase what are we going to do it, who will be involved, when we are going to do it and how are we going to perform.

3. Performing – its all about implementation of the plan.

4. Closing – it feedback time from the stakeholders , and time to celebrate


in the starting phase a PROJECT Charter is Developed which gives backbone to whole project starting phase and is very important task.

Project charter has following utilities…. 

  • justifies the project , gives an authorization to the project
  • project objectives are being set
  • Related success criteria are developed
  • High level requirement, project description and risks are identified
  • Summary of Milestones, schedules, and budget
  • Stakeholders list is prepared
  • Project approval requirements are set up
  • authorizes the Project manager to spend money.