We know, bootstrap is one of the best framework for CSS and it is widely used all over the world. Following is the common list of bootstrap, i often used while designing the web page.

1. In HTML5,  we can define document type as below.

2. We should always consider first for handhold device like mobile, tablet, ipad.

3. We can define our container as fluid width or width with certain pixel.

4. Grid system of bootstrap is very easy. Inside container, we define row which is subdivided into 12 columns.

5. We can do column offset as following:

6.  We can do nesting using rows and columns.

7. we can do column ordering my pushing or pulling.

8. The default font size is  14px and line-height is 1.428 applied to body and paragraph tag. The paragraph has 10px bottom margin as default.

9. We can format text as below,

10. We can align text,

11. We can transform text as

12. We can do abbreviation, addresses, blockquote as

13. We can do listing

14. We can list data in table,

15. We can do contextual formatting

16.  We can create form as

17. We can do contextual background as