Biceps Workout

Everybody wants big biceps. Big Biceps means you have huge arm power. Biceps consists of basically of three muscles group: 1. Biceps Brachii, which consists of short head and long head 2. Brachialis 3. Brachioradialis    The exercise i do for biceps workout: 1. EZ bar  curl for overall 2. Dumbell curl starting pronation […] Read more»


Leg Workout

  Leg Workout covers 50% of the whole body. So, it is very important to train your leg. Leg consists of five muscles group: 1. Quads 2. Hamstrings 3. Glutes 4. Adductors 5. Calves     The exercise i do for my leg workout are: 1. Squat for  quad, hamstring, glutes, adductor 2. Hack squat […] Read more»


Shoulder Workout

Shoulder is very important part of the body. If your shoulder is strong, then you can do most the heavy lifting you like. And, shoulder is one of my favorite body part to train. Basically, the shoulder consist of three heads: 1. Anterior Deltoid 2. Middle Deltoid 3. Posterior Deltoid For this, i do the following excersises: 1. […] Read more»


Chest Workout

Before working out chest, we must know the muscle anatomy of our chest. Chest primarily consists of three muscle groups pect major, pect minor and serratus anterior as below, Pectoralis Major Clavicular Head Sternal Head Abdominal Head Pectoralis Minor – Beneath the pectoralis major Serratus Anterior – along the top of the ribs   For […] Read more»


Triceps Workout

Tricep of arm is very important part to look big as comparative to bicep. To build triceps in horse shoe shape form, we need to understand its muscular anatomy and skeletal anatomy. Let me begin with muscular anatomy. It consists of three parts, Long Head Medial Head Lateral Head     Now, to hit this […] Read more»


WP Page Template

I can create new page with the following format as, page-about.php, page-technology.php, page-business.php and so on. I can check the conditional logic for page as, is_page() I can also create custom page template as, my-template.php, special-template.php and so on. Read more»