Python 2 – Network Programming

TCP server: [crayon-5ab2dab899380308906161/] TCP client: [crayon-5ab2dab89938d493824099/] UDP server: [crayon-5ab2dab899391551350460/] UDP client: [crayon-5ab2dab899395513195759/] Reference: Read more»

machine learning

Machine Learning – 2

Model Representation: m = no. of training examples x’s = input variable / features y’s = output variable / target variable (x,y) – one training example (xi,  yi) – ith training example Cost Function: Intuition 1: Algorithm: Gradient descent for minimizing J       Read more»

Learning French – 1

1. Bonjour – Hello 2. Je m’appelle Padam – I m called Padam 3. Salut – Hello or Goodbye 4. Comment ca va ? Are you ok ? 5. Ca va bien. I m okay. Ca va mal. I m not okay. 6. II fait beau. Its sunny.   Read more»

machine learning

Machine Learning – 1

Machine Learning is a field that had grown out of the field of AI, or artificial intelligence. We want to build intelligent machines and it turns out that there are a few basic things that we could program a machine to do such as how to find the shortest path from A to B. But […] Read more»


Linux helpful commands

1. searching files: find . -type f -name “*.java”   2. securing /var/www folder for publishing web applications Make sure the group is www-data on ‘/var/www’ [crayon-5ab2dab899f7e939602328/] Make ‘/var/www’ writable for the group [crayon-5ab2dab899f87866913595/] Set the GID for www-data for all sub-folders [crayon-5ab2dab899f8a188424919/] Your directory should look like this on an ls -l output. drwxrwsr-x […] Read more»


NFS in linux

[crayon-5ab2dab89a20b095190462/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a213162076086/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a217950834177/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a21a497455395/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a21e796244801/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a222782922406/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a225085740581/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a228431606100/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a22c996154951/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a22f733731329/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a232556576272/] [crayon-5ab2dab89a235893032375/] Read more»


Maven setup tutorial for Java

Maven – a project build and management tool Maven, a Yiddish word meaning accumulator of knowledge, was originally started as an attempt to simplify the build processes in the Jakarta Turbine project. Reference:   First, download maven from and extract it. Then, for installing JRE and JDK, click here [crayon-5ab2dab89a52b457707211/] Understanding Archetypes and pom.xml […] Read more»