“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.” – Audrey Hepburn

Everyone may not agree to me or may not feel surprised but I am completely taken aback by this conversation which I overheard in my workplace. Though it is not considered a good manner to hear other people’s talk…but how one can help if the talks are too loud and audible. The same situation arose when I was working on an important project and few of my male friends were discussing about not so serious matter but they were conversing as if it is very important and if they miss out a single point they may lose their job. When I listened carefully I realized they were taking about their own wives on the basis of beauty so simply if I have to say they were having a very deep discussion on the beauty of women. I am not saying it’s a sin to discuss about such matters, when the world is in the fever of feminism it is really a positive sign when males too talk about women’s issues and appreciate them…but one thing that was killing me was…according to their definition a women has to be mandatory beautiful to be someone’s girlfriend and to be their wives, their better halves, their life partner in whatever terminology I may put in.
Why every time whenever we talk about women, Beauty always becomes a major criteria. Why women she has to be beautiful …to fit in this society, to be someone’s girlfriend or Someone’s wife When we boost ourselves that we are in 21st century…in the era of development and modernism..ultra modernism….feminism…and so on thousands of so called “isms”…….but why we are not able to swing ourselves with that same thought, why we are apparently only saying the things of equality when we don’t follow the path. What’s the use of all those so called Isms…..which we have learnt in our colleges? We all say that education is one of the important factors of empowerment.And if women have to be empowered …..she should be educated…but only women alone can’t get to this empowerment when the other 50 percent of our society i.e. the males …are sleeping off dozing off with their same old …conventional mentality of objectifying a women…comparing the women with an object..Evaluating her on the basis of her physical beauty..Her appearance…if she is beautiful she fulfills all the criteria of being his dream girl and she fits in for him………….why other aspects are not even considered important.
As I have said earlier it may not be an important issues for all…but I was compelled to write on this because …I saw and I heard the conversation of so called educated people of our society who claim themselves to be the ones who always..Respect women…they claim themselves to be the gentleman of society…but pragmatically….they still stuck in comparing model…where women are considered an object…..where she is just a commodity…where her other values are hidden by her beauty her physical appearance…and then you take it as a pride if she turns to be beautiful ..And your heart pinches somewhere where she has all the values, All the criteria of a real woman but if she apparently does not fall in your definition of beauty and then you think of bringing equality in the status of men and women.
No matter how much of slogans of equality or the slogans of feminism we may preach or enchant, until and unless we don’t understand the value of human’s heart we would never be able to reach even in the periphery of equality.
In our patriarchal society where women are double discriminated this definition of physical beauty may stop her from reaching out to her dreams…she may not fly the sky of freedom..She may give herself on her self confidence, self esteem …she may not be same what she thinks before she met you… so if you have a wife, girlfriend , sister, a mother cherish her what way she is…accept her the way she is…give her, her own definition of beauty then see How beautiful she looks……….