Everybody wants big biceps. Big Biceps means you have huge arm power.

Biceps consists of basically of three muscles group:

1. Biceps Brachii, which consists of short head and long head

2. Brachialis

3. Brachioradialis



The exercise i do for biceps workout:

1. EZ bar  curl for overall

2. Dumbell curl starting pronation to soupernation to hit long head to short head. for brachii

3. Incline dumbell curl for overall

4. Machine Preacher curl for brachii

5. Dumbell Preacher curl for brachii

6. Dumbell Hammer for brachialis and branchioradialis

7.  Concentration curl with dumbell and straight bar

8. Forearm curl

I usually do 4 sets with 8 -12 reps each on the last two sets of each item, i do maximum weight i can.

That’s it. Cheers!!