Writing a business Plan…and not getting an idea…how to accomplish it….so here are few steps on how to write a Business Plan. Sometimes we have a very potential planning in our minds .but when it comes to writing sometimes we failed to do…but no worries..because here i am going to deal with the same issues […] Read more»


The Basics of Good Project Management- I

In this write up i will be explaining about The basics of a Good project management. we will be dealing about 1. what is a Project? 2. what are the different Phases of a project ? 3. what is project management?   Project management is not only a technical skill but it has something which […] Read more»


How to create customer value

Customer Value, CV = Benefits / Cost ( B/C ) The essence of creating value is ….. Trading something that is low cost to you for something that is of high value to your customer…against something that is low cost to your customer against high value to you.   For example: You have created this on-line […] Read more»


David Brooks: Should you live for your resume or eulogy ?

Touching on the rudimentary conflict between external accomplishments and internal fulfillment, New York Times columnist and author David Brooks makes the case that we should strive toward having the better eulogy over the better résumé. “The external logic is an economic logic: input leads to output, risk leads to reward. The internal side of our […] Read more»

Debits and Credits, different way

Debit Expenses – Things you spend money on and don’t have anything physical to touch. For example, cost of goods sold, rent expense, office expense, wages expense, utility expense Assets – Things you spend money on and you can physical prove you have. Cash, Account, Inventory, Building, Land, Equipment. Dividends – Money paid to shareholder’s. […] Read more»