How to write Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) application

We are going to develop PAM application to check whether user is authenticated or not not using PAM. The detail tutorial about PAM can be found here.   First install the library for PAM in linux, in my case it is Ubuntu: [crayon-5ab2d89d8237d267340249/] After that, I write the code like this: [crayon-5ab2d89d8238b958469867/] Then, compile the […] Read more»


how to configure github ssh public key

[crayon-5ab2d89d829a9775528473/] Give the name, git_rsa and press enter for empty password. Then, copy the and add it to SSH key in github profile settings and save it. Add the git identity in the local computer, [crayon-5ab2d89d829b4916388816/]   And, test with [crayon-5ab2d89d829b8447183799/]     Read more»


How to generate entity from database tables in PHP automatically

If you have followed my previous tutorial, then you already know about, how to create object relational mapping  (ORM) in object oriented programming system.  Before proceed, you can go through this at least once. Here is the link ORM PHP using OOP In this tutorial, we will be developing application which generates entities automatically either of […] Read more»


How to work with GIT

Suppose, we have one remote server for remote repository, remote1 and two local repository machines local1 and local2, where two different developer1 and developer2 are working separately on the same project. Now, the whole process goes like this. Assumption, you have created user called ‘git’ and working under /var/git-repo directory in remote1 machine. [crayon-5ab2d89d8317e953934159/]   […] Read more»


how to install color theme in eclipse

Go to Help>Eclipse for eclipse color theme and install. Then, go to windows>preferences  and search for theme..which displays color the theme as you like and click apply. Alternatively you can download and import from Read more»