How to improve relationship

Love is the appreciation of totality of the person, to appreciate their challenges, appreciate their struggle, appreciate their dark side, the frustration they have in their life, the stupid things they do, the things that drive you crazy, to understand to truly appreciate that someone accept to their level so they never feel appreciated before. Show […] Read more»


3 enemies of personal growth

I believe we have three great enemies that prevents us from advancing our life, from actualizing our potential, from living our dreams. 1. doubt. we doubt whether we are capable or not. we doubt whether we are worthy or not. we doubt whether we succeed or not. we doubt whether we deserve or not. Its unfortunate that doubt […] Read more»


How to have more confidence

  1. Decide, you need no reason whatsoever to be more confident. Just make decision to be confident. You don’t need reason. You don’t need 50 people tell you, you are amazing or you are  beautiful or we love you. You just have to say, you know what, today i  lift up my head a […] Read more»


Religion of peace

I am a free-thinker. So, i am not bounded to any one religion. There are so many religions in this world, that we have heard or might not have heard. Among them, I know few of them like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Jewish. Every religion is good and tries to keep peace and harmony in its […] Read more»