Difference between grep, sed and awk

grep: search for specific terms in a file #usage [crayon-5ab2d7833522e088747325/] Now awk and sed are completly different than grep. awk and sed are text processors. Not only do they have the ability to find what you are looking for in text, they have the ability to remove, add and modify the text as well (and […] Read more»


How to build openwrt image from Image generator

Download the appropriate Image Builder and extract [crayon-5ab2d783354c3868222812/] Configure package repositories in repositories.conf [crayon-5ab2d783354cd574186052/] Install dependencies for “make” [crayon-5ab2d783354d1980938828/] Check profile exists [crayon-5ab2d783354d5724510099/] Create profile inside /target/linux/atheros/profiles/ [crayon-5ab2d783354d9957570683/] Check again profile [crayon-5ab2d783354dc341310684/] Should display [crayon-5ab2d783354e0340243498/]   Finally, make image [crayon-5ab2d783354e4334771302/] Check inside bin directory. There will be the image files.   Read more»


How to build latest stable linux kernel

Go to Goto  stable: ………[  … ] [browse] and click on browse Click on summary tab and see the will find the url for stable release. [crayon-5ab2d783357a1561863063/]     Read more»


How linux boot process occurs

Three major phases -BIOS -Bootloader -Kernel The BIOS Basic Input Output System(BIOS) -The first program -Runs from ROM -OS independent POST -Power-on-self-test Boot an OS from a storage device -Proceed through the list until it finds a MBR The boot loader MBR -First sector of the drive Bootloader may reside in the MBR -And/or may […] Read more»


How to use grep in llinux

GREP stands for globally search  a regular expression and print. Its syntax has following format: [crayon-5ab2d78335991024468358/] Some useful grep commands are: [crayon-5ab2d7833599a782479373/]   Read more»


How to write Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) application

We are going to develop PAM application to check whether user is authenticated or not not using PAM. The detail tutorial about PAM can be found here.   First install the library for PAM in linux, in my case it is Ubuntu: [crayon-5ab2d78335dcc147787352/] After that, I write the code like this: [crayon-5ab2d78335dd5491048075/] Then, compile the […] Read more»


How to generate entity from database tables in PHP automatically

If you have followed my previous tutorial, then you already know about, how to create object relational mapping  (ORM) in object oriented programming system.  Before proceed, you can go through this at least once. Here is the link ORM PHP using OOP In this tutorial, we will be developing application which generates entities automatically either of […] Read more»


how to develop ORM(object relational mapping) in PHP using OOP

Today, i am going to teach you, how to develop object relational mapping database application in PHP using object oriented programming methodology. I love to code in object oriented method to reduce redundancy, encapsulation and many more. Let’s begin….   1. First create the database called ‘ORM‘ using phpmyadmin and create the ‘person‘ table   […] Read more»