How to generate entity from database tables in PHP automatically

If you have followed my previous tutorial, then you already know about, how to create object relational mapping  (ORM) in object oriented programming system.  Before proceed, you can go through this at least once. Here is the link ORM PHP using OOP In this tutorial, we will be developing application which generates entities automatically either of […] Read more»


how to develop ORM(object relational mapping) in PHP using OOP

Today, i am going to teach you, how to develop object relational mapping database application in PHP using object oriented programming methodology. I love to code in object oriented method to reduce redundancy, encapsulation and many more. Let’s begin….   1. First create the database called ‘ORM‘ using phpmyadmin and create the ‘person‘ table   […] Read more»


Object Oriented Programming in PHP – best practices

 Naming Convention all small letter for filename class.emailer.php for class file interface.emailer.php for interface abstract.emailer.php for abstract classes class name to be in camel case e.g. class BigData variable names all in small case e.g. $dbname method name to be camel case with first letter to be small e.g. getRecord() Interfaces defines the methods to be […] Read more»


How to work with GIT

Suppose, we have one remote server for remote repository, remote1 and two local repository machines local1 and local2, where two different developer1 and developer2 are working separately on the same project. Now, the whole process goes like this. Assumption, you have created user called ‘git’ and working under /var/git-repo directory in remote1 machine. [crayon-5a8c9323cabca190663402/]   […] Read more»


JAVA environment variables

JAVA_HOME is the path of JDK that used to run the tomcat and web applications CATALINA_HOME is the path of the tomcat binaries files CATALINA_BASE is the path the tomcat configuration files   Read more»


WSDL architecture

WSDL breaks down web services into three specific, identifiable elements that can be combined or reused once defined. The three major elements of WSDL that can be defined separately are: Types Operations Binding A WSDL document has various elements, but they are contained within these three main elements, which can be developed as separate documents […] Read more»


how to install axis2 in eclipse for webservice

Installation of Axis2 Method 1 1. Download the binary distribution of Axis2 from 2. extract to some folder. 3. Open the eclipse 4. Go to windows>preferences and search for axis2 5. Give the path to axis2 runtime, previously extracted path. 6. Message shows loaded successfully. Method 2   1. Download the war distribution of Axis2 […] Read more»


how to interface JSON with Coova chilli

By default JSON interface makes use of CHAP passwords. So, in this article, we will learn following things. 1. javascript that used to interact with JSON interface 2. modifications required to be able to use PAP passwords through the javascript JSON objects JSON interface and JSON service terms are used interchangeably and refer the same […] Read more»


How to create basic document using LaTeX

Note: 1. \\ is soft return without identation or single blank line for hard return. 2. Math mode start with $ and end with $ to start text mode 3. For math mode with own line, $$ sign is used. [crayon-5a8c9323cb2b1949604026/] References 1. Sections and Chapters 2. Templates Overleaf 3. Thesis Basic Structure 4. Latex […] Read more»