WP Page Template

I can create new page with the following format as, page-about.php, page-technology.php, page-business.php and so on. I can check the conditional logic for page as, is_page() I can also create custom page template as, my-template.php, special-template.php and so on. Read more»


WP Navigation Menus

This is how i created navigation menu in wordpress. In header.php [crayon-5ab2d93b3daa3329142682/] In footer.php [crayon-5ab2d93b3dab0972525288/] In functions.php, register the theme locations as, // Navigation Menus register_nav_menus(array( ‘primary’ => __( ‘Primary Menu’), ‘footer’ => __( ‘Footer Menu’), )); [crayon-5ab2d93b3dab4023798287/]   Read more»


Twitter Bootstrap CSS Implementation Snippet

We know, bootstrap is one of the best framework for CSS and it is widely used all over the world. Following is the common list of bootstrap, i often used while designing the web page. 1. In HTML5,  we can define document type as below. [crayon-5ab2d93b3e083909101240/] 2. We should always consider first for handhold device […] Read more»