how to configure github ssh public key

[crayon-5a8c91c42eabf719219223/] Give the name, git_rsa and press enter for empty password. Then, copy the and add it to SSH key in github profile settings and save it. Add the git identity in the local computer, [crayon-5a8c91c42eacd079055778/]   And, test with [crayon-5a8c91c42ead1555161747/]     Read more»


How to generate entity from database tables in PHP automatically

If you have followed my previous tutorial, then you already know about, how to create object relational mapping  (ORM) in object oriented programming system.  Before proceed, you can go through this at least once. Here is the link ORM PHP using OOP In this tutorial, we will be developing application which generates entities automatically either of […] Read more»


how to develop ORM(object relational mapping) in PHP using OOP

Today, i am going to teach you, how to develop object relational mapping database application in PHP using object oriented programming methodology. I love to code in object oriented method to reduce redundancy, encapsulation and many more. Let’s begin….   1. First create the database called ‘ORM‘ using phpmyadmin and create the ‘person‘ table   […] Read more»


Object Oriented Programming in PHP – best practices

 Naming Convention all small letter for filename class.emailer.php for class file interface.emailer.php for interface abstract.emailer.php for abstract classes class name to be in camel case e.g. class BigData variable names all in small case e.g. $dbname method name to be camel case with first letter to be small e.g. getRecord() Interfaces defines the methods to be […] Read more»


webservice implementation in PHP using SOAP

WSDL to PHP Code generation Download wsdl2phpgenerator-2.5.5.phar Run php wsdl2phpgenerator-2.5.5.phar -i input.wsdl -o tmp/my/directory/wsdl The directory is created if possible.   References: 1. Book: Pro PHP XML and Web Services – Page No. 690 2. 3. Read more»


how to add tomcat server in eclipse

Assumption: First install the tomcat directly using apt-get install tomcat7 or download binary distribution from tomcat website.   1. Go to window>preferences 2. search for server 3. select Runtime and click on add 4. Add the tomcat7 path, which is located at /usr/share/tomcat7 5. apply…and that’s it. OR 1. from menu window>show view>other.. and search […] Read more»


how to install ssl in apache tomcat

Generate Keystore: [crayon-5a8c91c42f9a0582565397/]   My Working Local SSL certificate [crayon-5a8c91c42f9ab486095208/]   Reference:   Read more»