Before working out chest, we must know the muscle anatomy of our chest. Chest primarily consists of three muscle groups pect major, pect minor and serratus anterior as below,


Pectoralis Major

  1. Clavicular Head
  2. Sternal Head
  3. Abdominal Head

Pectoralis Minor – Beneath the pectoralis major

Serratus Anterior – along the top of the ribs


For workout i do following exercises which are compound or isolate movements.

  1. Decline Bench Press for Abdominal Head
  2. Incline Bench Press for Clavicular Head
  3. Flat Bench Press forĀ  Sternal Head
  4. Horizontal Dumbbell Fly, compound movement
  5. Clavicular Chest Bench Press, just above clavicular head
  6. Pull Over – serratur anterior
  7. Hammer Chest Press – for pump the middle chest

That’s it. Next time, when i enter the gym, i will make sure i cover all these muscle groups. You too. Cheers!!