This is how i learn ” Father Christmas Gave Dad An Electric Bed”. So, in the above circle every chord is at distance of fifth like C D E F G, here G is at fifth distance from C and so on. The above circle of fifth also helps to find the key signature (also called sharps) in the scale. So, in C major scale, there is no sharps.  In  G major scale, there is 1# i.e. F#.

Sharps appear in clockwise starting from F C G D A E B and Flats appear in anti-clockwise  starting from B E A D G C F.  The relative minor chord is always at 90 degree. So, the relative minor chord of C major is A minor and so on.

For making chord progression of any song, i have to first move to relative minor in 90 degree and back to original chord with M m m M M . For example C Major scale chord progression will be C Am Dm G C.

Major chord is made up of 1st , 3rd and 5th note. So, we can write like for C Major scale progression as,

1, 4, 5  = Major

2,3,6 = Minor

7 = diminised

M   m  m   M  M   m

1    2    3    4    5    6    7     8

C    D    E    F   G    A    B    C

E     F    G    A  B    C    D     E

G    A     B   C  D    E     F    G



If 3rd degree is flatten in major chord, it becomes minor chord. C Major chord C E G, now its minor chord is C Eb G. For diminished chord, flatten both 3rd and 5th degree. Augmented chord is to sharpen 5th degree.

Major   Minor   Diminished    Augmented

5           5                   5b                5#

3           3b                3b                 3

1           1                    1                 1

For 7th major chord is same as above, but 7th chord is added too.

That’s it. Cheers!