Today, i was watching news in one of the Nepali Television along side with my father and mother. I saw people killing thousands of thousand animals in the name of Hindu religion so called “Gadi Mai” to make  their goddess happy.

And, also i saw people view upon this religion. More than 90 percent people were against this kind of religion where animals are killed. Some days ago, i have heard that certain activists were against this religion, but no one can stop it eventually, even government.

In my view, religion itself is not bad thing. But, the group of people leading this kind of bad practices in religion is really bad and cruel. It is us who should identify this kind of ill behavior in the name of religion, and we should take action to eradicate this kind of belief from the root of people and next coming new generations. And, this kind of activities should not be happened in any religion. Religion is actually a sign of love and kindness, not killing or showing ones power. Religion should be a system to bind people in peace and harmony irrespective of culture, race or anything. We are all human beings. Some people ring the bell, and worship in the temple. And, the same people, get away from poor and hungry people. Where is humanity and where is religion ?

While watching that news on television, i asked to my mother that, is this good ? No, of course not, she replied. And, what comes in my mind and i just spoke out at that moment. Religion (Dharma in Nepali language) is, in fact, to give knowledge who do not have knowledge, to give love and care who are weak and poor.  And, Paap (Sin in english language)  is, in fact, to commit hate and discriminate poor and weak people. My mother, has totally agreed with my view. After that, i get up and entered to my room….