I often listen to Nepali female singer singing songs mostly related to love and tragedy story with their husband or boyfriend. There are few songs i have heard about love for the country from female singers.

Following are the female singers and their songs, i listen repeatedly and feel really good. And, silently talking to myself, oh, these are really good girls.

1. Samriddhi Rai, someone shared in facebook, song called “Ma chahi Nepali timi ko hau malai thaha chaina”

2.  Then i keep on searching the songs in youtube. I found Aastha Raut singing “Chaubandi ma patuki”. This song is really fabulous and energetic.

3. I was trying to learn playing Parelima from Nepali E-chords in youtube. I found a cover on same song done by Suzeena Shrestha. My eyes just gone to song “Tero Bauko sampati”. I like the lyrics. Anyway, that was nice song too, i like it.