Many organization has different branch office throughout the country or outside.  So, we need to monitor the connectivity and bandwidth every time for smooth operation. For this, we can use cacti application for its solution. This is how, i installed and monitor the network equipment.

The above command will install apache, php, mysql, snmp, rrdtool, and perl library for rrd. Now, just downdload the cacti from  and extract it. I move it to directory /var/www/html/cacti.

Now, i created the cacti database on mysql and imported cacti.sql into cacti database. The cacti.sql file  was just inside the cacti folder that i have just downloaded. Then, i browse

http:// ip of my computer /cacti and proceed further to install cacti application.

I put the poller in cron job as below in file /etc/cron.d/cacti

After that i changed permission on files and directories as below,

Then, I changed snmp configuration of my computer  in /etc/snmp/snmp.conf

Finally, i restarted the snmp daemon service as,

That’s it. The default username and password is admin:admin & force to change it for first time login. Cheers!