Since, i already knew today is off day in my office due to SAARC summit, so i slept last night around 2 AM in the morning and wake up as planned around 9 AM in the morning. Yogesh dai, has already waiting for me to join the training. He called me around 9:00 AM from the GYM club.

So, I hurriedly filled up water bottle with 2 liters of water and started my bike and headed towards GYM.

My Energy Level : 70% of normal time, because i haven’t put any calories in the morning, just delayed in waking up.

My Motivation Level:  High, cause when it is leg day. I usually keep my motivation and concentration level high because a single mistake could lead huge injury in joints and also could cause muscle tear. So, i never forget to do full warm up before workout.

Done warmup and stretches around 15 minutes.

Now, ready for workout.

1. Free Squat starting with 50 kg, 20 reps.

Gradually increasing by 10kg on each set. Total 6 sets, repeatition decreasing by 4.

We deed light weight today with maximum weight 110KG.

Actually, free squat is difficult exercise, but most powerful and effective. We never skip this exercise.

2. Leg Press for quad with leg putting lower in the incline machine hitting middle, inner and outer thigh forming different shape H, V and A . I m good in leg press doing maximum weight. I deed leg press around 250 KG maximum today. I can do more, but there is no weight that can be adjusted in the machine right now.

3. Leg press for hamstring with leg putting higher in the incline machine with same amount of weight maximum.

4. Then, we moved to leg extension doing 5 sets each set containing 20 – 30 reps. Last set was failure set, i hit just century with 40kg. I could feel burning in my tear drop muscle at that time.

5. Last but not the least, is calf exercise, today we tried in different machine. Standing calf raise 4 sets and its done.

I want my thigh look like this some day.

Feeling good. Cheers!