Leg Workout covers 50% of the whole body. So, it is very important to train your leg.

Leg consists of five muscles group:

1. Quads


2. Hamstrings



3. Glutes


4. Adductors


5. Calves




The exercise i do for my leg workout are:

1. Squat for  quad, hamstring, glutes, adductor

2. Hack squat half for quad

3. Leg press with foot down straight for quad

4. Sissy Squat for quad

5. leg extension for quad

6. Stiff leg deadlift for upper hamstring and glutes

7. Leg curl for lower hamstring

8. Lunge for quad, hamstring, glutes

9. Leg press with with V shape for adductor

10. Adductor machine for adductor

12. Standing Calf raise for calve ( gastrocnemius )

13. Seated calf raise for calve (soleus)

I never miss squat, stiff leg deadlift, leg curl, leg extension, leg press, adductor and calf raise for heavy weight.

Thats it. Cheers!!