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“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is            the            result of        your   own    making
Stephen Richards

This quotes goes aptly with my today”s  self motivated personality  whose interview I have taken yesterday.


If I have to introduce him I would be out of words but still I have tried to keep this introduction in a nutshell which goes like this….



He who is a computer engineer  by profession in one of the renowned telecom company of Nepal, a technocrat , a programmer , a bodybuilder , a dreamer who dares not only to dream high but have the potential to achieve it, who believes in sheer hard work and dedication in whatever he does, a flutist who plays the songs of life through his flute , a musician , a singer by interest , who loves to do adventures, who dares to do new things ….takes life as a gift as a  challenge…with his sparkled eyes and a captivating smile he is an self made man ………so here are the few questions which I managed to ask him :


  1. How would you like to describe yourself as a person ?


I would like to describe myself as a straight forwarded person, who likes to get engage in certain tasks which I like to perform with full focus and concentration.


  1. What are you passionate about ?


Passionate about learning new things each day, like to keep my body fit and in good health



  1. What are your likes ?

I like  to deal with technological stuffs , a technocrat , and a computer engineer by profession so love to deal with new information regarding technology.


  1. What you do in your free time ?

I play music , read articles related with country ,want to know about new people and new places



  1. What leads you to bodybuilding?

Everybody wants a beautiful and a fit body but people are lazy…when you are wrapped up with clothes you look good but when you bare yourself what body you see in the mirror is the real body …so not only form outside but to make our body fit and healthy form inside leads me to bodybuilding




  1. Tell me something about your workout routine and your diet as I can see you have a wonderful and fit body.


{smiles } well I consume very balanced diet as I am very health and a fit body freak and I drink plenty of water . about my workout routine during off seasons I do 2 hrs workout and during in season I do 4 hrs heavy workout .




  1. Whom are you motivated from ?

I am inspired by situations , everyday inspires me …I am a self motivated person besides that I appreciate good people .



  1. How do you define struggle ?

For me struggle is a very fortunate thing and only fortunate people get chance to do struggle and to learn from it.



  1. A personal question , do you have a girlfriend or recent plannings of marriage ?

Yes , I do have a girlfriend and very soon I m going to get married



10. What is your message for the youth ?

Give your hundred percent in whatever you do . give your effort which is worth for that work.