In this awakening darkness

What am I searching for ,

The echoes of my soul

The solitude , and the humming tone   of my thoughts.



Wrapped up with the blanket of misty fog of night

Not getting a clue of left or right,

Walking down with the crawling pace

Breaking the silence of that space.



The murmur of the leaves, trying to spalsh the peace

The howl of wind whispering to the trees,

And I am on my way to  treasure my echoes of soul

Obliterating  that , it cannot be find with  much of ease .



The moonlit night gradually about to disappear

And there creeps in the crack of dawn

O, look wat I got , the water image of my own

I can behold my echoes, touch my soul.



O, its in me, that way is the heart of my own

With which I was born.

Finally I have found my presence

My being  with my complete sentiments.



P.S – Pic courtesy Google.