Shoulder is very important part of the body. If your shoulder is strong, then you can do most the heavy lifting you like. And, shoulder is one of my favorite body part to train.

Basically, the shoulder consist of three heads:


1. Anterior Deltoid

2. Middle Deltoid

3. Posterior Deltoid


For this, i do the following excersises:

1. Back Shoulder Press for Anterior Deltoid

2. Dumb bell Shoulder Press again for Anterior Deltoid

3. Side lateral Rise for Middle Deltoid

4. Machine Fly for rear Deltoid

5. Bent hover dumbell fly again for real deltoid

6. Bent barbell row for real deltoid

Every excercise i do 4 sets with 12- 20 reps for first 2 sets for light weight and 6 – 10 reps for last 2 sets for heavy weight.


Thats it!! Cheers!!