Bodybuilding Shoulder Biceps and Chest Workout – Wednesday

Your chest is composed of two muscle groups: the large pectoralis major, and the smaller pectoralis minor underneath. The flat, thick pec major originates in a broad sweep along the anterior surface of the clavicle, down the sternum, and from the cartilage of the ribs. It inserts into a much smaller area, the intertubular groove […] Read more»


Bodybuilding Abs, Shoulder and Biceps workout – Monday

  Building your abs requires more than just nailing the best exercises. Here’s how to build up your six-pack musculature while chiseling your midsection!   Eating for your six-pack is an around-the-clock activity, but the training aspect only entails a 15-20-minute workout about every 2-3 days. Train your abs intensely and help them recover with […] Read more»


Biceps Workout

Everybody wants big biceps. Big Biceps means you have huge arm power. Biceps consists of basically of three muscles group: 1. Biceps Brachii, which consists of short head and long head 2. Brachialis 3. Brachioradialis    The exercise i do for biceps workout: 1. EZ bar  curl for overall 2. Dumbell curl starting pronation […] Read more»