how to develop ORM(object relational mapping) in PHP using OOP

Today, i am going to teach you, how to develop object relational mapping database application in PHP using object oriented programming methodology. I love to code in object oriented method to reduce redundancy, encapsulation and many more. Let’s begin….   1. First create the database called ‘ORM‘ using phpmyadmin and create the ‘person‘ table   […] Read more»


Mariadb Galera Cluster setting up

Mariadb is drop in replacement for MySQL which was developed just after MySQL acquired by Oracle. Both Maria and My are named after daughter of its database developer. Clustering in Mariadb is very easy and straightforward. Currently, there are two releases of Mariadb, 5.5 which is stable version and 10.0 is development version. I installed the […] Read more»


Basic database programming with python and mysql

  I don’t know, how actually good is python programming language, but i have heard it is mostly used in scientific computation. So, i started programming database with Python and MySQL. This is how, i have done. First of all, i have installed python in my system. Then after i installed python library for mysql […] Read more»