How to install freeradius in Ubuntu 14.04

Radius Concept, you can get from here Some of the packages of freeradius are, freeradius FreeRADIUS server package freeradius-dbg Contains detached debugging symbols for FreeRADIUS packages libfreeradius2 FreeRADIUS shared library freeradius-ldap LDAP module for FreeRADIUS server freeradius-common FreeRADIUS common files, include dictionaries, and man pages freeradius-iodbc iODBC module for FreeRADIUS server freeradius-krb5 Kerberos module for […] Read more»


Authentication in FreeRADIUS

Authentication protocols: There are three popular authentication protocols, namely, PAP, CHAP, and MS-CHAP. PAP is the least secure in certain situations but also the most versatile. PAP PAP was one of the first protocols used to facilitate the supply of a username and password when making point-to-point connections. With PAP the NAS takes the PAP ID […] Read more»


Getting Started with FreeRADIUS

Installation: sudo apt-get install freeradius Configuring FreeRADIUS: FreeRADIUS has a primary configuration file called radiusd.conf. Various other configuration files get sourced through the primary configuration file using the $INCLUDE keyword. NAS devices: An NAS device is a RADIUS client and shares a secret with the RADIUS server. NAS devices are defined in the clients.conf file. […] Read more»


Introduction to AAA and RADIUS

  AAA is a security architecture model. RADIUS is a specific implementation of AAA. FreeRADIUS is a practical application of RADIUS. Thus we have AAA → RADIUS → FreeRADIUS. RADIUS is all about central control and is the de facto standard supported by NAS vendors. RADIUS is a client/server protocol. It uses UDP and listens […] Read more»