Connectivity between pixels in Image processing

There are three types of connectivity: 1. 4-connectivity: Pixels p and q with values from V are 4-connected if q is in the set of N4(p). 2. 8-connectivity: Pixels p and q with values from v are 8-connected if q is in the set of N8(p). 3. m-connectivity(mixed): Pixels p and q with values from […] Read more»

Steps in Digital Image Processing

After we have introduction to IPPR previously, now we describe steps in Image Processing, 1. Image Acquisition: it is the process of acquiring a digital image using an image sensor. This process includes image sensing, sampling and quantization. 2. Pre-processing: It improves image in ways that increase the chance of success of the other processes. It […] Read more»

Introduction to Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Before we begin to learn IPPR (image processing and pattern recognition). Lets define few things. A digital image is a representation of two dimensional image as a finite set of digital values called picture elements or pixels.  So, pixel values represents gray level, color, height, opacity and so on. Digitization implies that a digital image […] Read more»