Bodybuilding Leg Quad and Back workout – Thursday

The muscles located in the lower back region play a critical role in both athletic performance and overall aesthetic appeal for the bodybuilder. It would be an understatement to say these muscles are not worked enough, considering their importance in our lives. Fitness veterans know that plateaus are almost inevitable. You can work like hell […] Read more»


Leg Muscles Anatomy

  QUADS: 1. RECTUS FEMORIS – comes from top of the hip and crosses the knee 2. VASTUS LATERALIS – top of femur and crosses the knee 3. VASTUS MEDIALIS – top of thigh and also attaches the knee called tear drop muscles 4. VASTUS INTERMEDIUS – runs deep down the rectus femoris   HAMSTRING: […] Read more»


Leg Workout

  Leg Workout covers 50% of the whole body. So, it is very important to train your leg. Leg consists of five muscles group: 1. Quads 2. Hamstrings 3. Glutes 4. Adductors 5. Calves     The exercise i do for my leg workout are: 1. Squat for ¬†quad, hamstring, glutes, adductor 2. Hack squat […] Read more»


Its thursday, Leg day !!

  Since, i already knew today is off day in my office due to SAARC summit, so i slept last night around 2 AM in the morning and wake up as planned around 9 AM in the morning. Yogesh dai, has already waiting for me to join the training. He called me around 9:00 AM […] Read more»