Linux Network Programming in C -1

stdio.h, header file contains declarations used in most input and output and is typically included in all C programs. sys/types.h, header file contains definitions of a number of data types used in system calls. These types are used in the next two include files. sys/socket.h, header file socket.h includes a number of definitions of structures […] Read more»


Python 2 – Network Programming

TCP server: [crayon-5a88ce2151f89103272550/] TCP client: [crayon-5a88ce2151f93121132054/] UDP server: [crayon-5a88ce2151f97405727944/] UDP client: [crayon-5a88ce2151f9b116223324/] Reference: http://www.bogotobogo.com/python/python_network_programming_server_client.php Read more»