How to create basic document using LaTeX

Note: 1. \\ is soft return without identation or single blank line for hard return. 2. Math mode start with $ and end with $ to start text mode 3. For math mode with own line, $$ sign is used. [crayon-5ab2dafc06b05606182640/] References 1. Sections and Chapters 2. Templates Overleaf 3. Thesis Basic Structure 4. Latex […] Read more»


How to write the research proposal

1. Title of study – Explain topic, keep it concise, attention-grabbing, not more than 15 words. 2. Introduction – Outline general field of interest 3. Significance of research – Purpose, significance, implications 4. Literature Review – Earlier research, Instruments, Necessity, Delimitations 5. Methodology – interviews, surveys, content analysis, case studies, meta analysis – result presentation, […] Read more»


How to write a Research Paper

#1 Don’t wait: Write idea ———> write paper ———–> do research #2 Identify your key idea your narrative flow: a. Here is a problem b. It’s an interesting problem c. It’s an unsolved problem d. Here is my idea e. My idea works (details, data) f. Here’s how my idea compares to other people’s approaches […] Read more»