Bodybuilding Shoulder Biceps and Chest Workout – Wednesday

Your chest is composed of two muscle groups: the large pectoralis major, and the smaller pectoralis minor underneath. The flat, thick pec major originates in a broad sweep along the anterior surface of the clavicle, down the sternum, and from the cartilage of the ribs. It inserts into a much smaller area, the intertubular groove […] Read more»


Bodybuilding Abs, Shoulder and Biceps workout – Monday

  Building your abs requires more than just nailing the best exercises. Here’s how to build up your six-pack musculature while chiseling your midsection!   Eating for your six-pack is an around-the-clock activity, but the training aspect only entails a 15-20-minute workout about every 2-3 days. Train your abs intensely and help them recover with […] Read more»


Shoulder Workout

Shoulder is very important part of the body. If your shoulder is strong, then you can do most the heavy lifting you like. And, shoulder is one of my favorite body part to train. Basically, the shoulder consist of three heads: 1. Anterior Deltoid 2. Middle Deltoid 3. Posterior Deltoid For this, i do the following excersises: 1. […] Read more»