webservice implementation in PHP using SOAP

WSDL to PHP Code generation Download wsdl2phpgenerator-2.5.5.phar Run php wsdl2phpgenerator-2.5.5.phar -i input.wsdl -o tmp/my/directory/wsdl The directory is created if possible.   References: 1. Book: Pro PHP XML and Web Services – Page No. 690 2.¬†http://arnekroeger.blogspot.com/2011/02/php-soap-creating-and-consuming-wsdl.html 3.¬†https://github.com/wsdl2phpgenerator/wsdl2phpgenerator-cli Read more»


WSDL architecture

WSDL breaks down web services into three specific, identifiable elements that can be combined or reused once defined. The three major elements of WSDL that can be defined separately are: Types Operations Binding A WSDL document has various elements, but they are contained within these three main elements, which can be developed as separate documents […] Read more»


Webservice Architecture – SOAP using JAVA API

Before we need know 1. Core Java 2. Develop Java Web Applications 3. Deploy Java Web Applications We will know about following: 1. SOAP(JAX-RPC & JAX-WS) 2. REST(JAX-RS) ATM Application < ---- > Customer DB Bank1 interaction with Bank2 customer to use ATM Webservice Architecture: – How to share information between two inter-operable applications Webservice […] Read more»