How to write Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) application

We are going to develop PAM application to check whether user is authenticated or not not using PAM. The detail tutorial about PAM can be found here.   First install the library for PAM in linux, in my case it is Ubuntu: [crayon-5ab2dbe249305702513989/] After that, I write the code like this: [crayon-5ab2dbe249312689808869/] Then, compile the […] Read more»


How to install tftp in Ubuntu

First install the tftp server which tftpd-hpa and tftp client which is tftp [crayon-5ab2dbe249959846024133/] Then, take default backup configuration [crayon-5ab2dbe249963551412641/] After that, edit tftp-hpa configuration file in /etc/default/tftpd-hpa [crayon-5ab2dbe249967366697323/] Then, move the folder and change its mode and owner. [crayon-5ab2dbe24996b475702276/] Finally, restart the tftpd-service and test. [crayon-5ab2dbe24996f919271280/] That’s it. Read more»


Installing Coovachilli in Ubuntu 14.04

Download from¬† It works for 32 bit Operating System only, [crayon-5ab2dbe249bda253026423/]   For 64 bit Operating System, [crayon-5ab2dbe249be2991890830/] [crayon-5ab2dbe249be6362994603/] [crayon-5ab2dbe249bea564696435/] [crayon-5ab2dbe249bed184288462/] [crayon-5ab2dbe249bf0099970329/] [crayon-5ab2dbe249bf4417275973/] Reference: Read more»


How to install freeradius in Ubuntu 14.04

Radius Concept, you can get from here Some of the packages of freeradius are, freeradius FreeRADIUS server package freeradius-dbg Contains detached debugging symbols for FreeRADIUS packages libfreeradius2 FreeRADIUS shared library freeradius-ldap LDAP module for FreeRADIUS server freeradius-common FreeRADIUS common files, include dictionaries, and man pages freeradius-iodbc iODBC module for FreeRADIUS server freeradius-krb5 Kerberos module for […] Read more»


Getting Started with FreeRADIUS

Installation: sudo apt-get install freeradius Configuring FreeRADIUS: FreeRADIUS has a primary configuration file called radiusd.conf. Various other configuration files get sourced through the primary configuration file using the $INCLUDE keyword. NAS devices: An NAS device is a RADIUS client and shares a secret with the RADIUS server. NAS devices are defined in the clients.conf file. […] Read more»


How to install Odoo on Ubuntu 14.04

After certain features added to OpenERP version 7, it has been renamed to Odoo in version 8. So, to install and run Odoo in Ubuntu 14.04, it did this way, First of all, i downloaded Odoo source code from GitHUB. [crayon-5ab2dbe24a8e4469701735/] Then, i created postgresql database user as, [crayon-5ab2dbe24a8ed071625286/] After that, i installed the dependencies […] Read more»


Setting up FTP server in Ubuntu 14.04

While setting up FTP server, i choose¬† VSFTPD “Very Secure FTP Daemon” for default application. For this, i do followings steps: VSFTPD has following features: Virtual IP configurations Virtual users Standalone or inetd operation Powerful per-user configurability Bandwidth throttling Per-source-IP configurability Per-source-IP limits IPv6 Encryption support through SSL integration… I installed it as, [crayon-5ab2dbe24ab69887983914/] After […] Read more»


Recovering boot grub2 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I was running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in my Laptop. Last time, when i saw Ubuntu 14.04 LTS was released, I upgraded my Ubuntu to 14.04. But, upon restarting my laptop, my boot grub has been crashed. My old technique of recovering grub was as follow: Booting Ubuntu from Live USB pendrive or CD, and after […] Read more»